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How much plastic is there in the sea?

I am extremely proud that our documentary about Plastic in the sea is now available to watch on TV4Play. Once again, the help organisation Sida decided to support our work with questions related to sustainability and the global goals. Please watch the film and learn!

The film about Alexander

Did you watch the fantastic and very moving film about Alexander who, at 15, was diagnosed with a rare form of skeletal cancer? Produced by Ann-Sofie Carringer, who won a Kristall, for 2019 Best Documentary, I am now helping her to sell this film to the international TV-market!

An all female crew

It’s not a purpose in itself, except that it is a lot of fun, that women are reliable, professional and great at what they do, so if I can, I always try to put together all female crews! Like here, behind-the-scenes of a production coming to a screen close to you in the near future!

Several new projects are keeping me busy

This fall I have the privilege of working both with Ywonn Media Group, a start-up digital influencer- and social media company, and with two hard-core production companies, Grumpy Productions and Stål Television, being the project manager for a number of documentaries and artist portraits, that can soon be seen online or on a TV-screen near Läs mer om Several new projects are keeping me busy[…]